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 What is Soil Analysis?

Soil analysis is like a health checkup for your soil. It uncovers vital information about its composition, nutrient levels, and overall health. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions about fertilization, irrigation, and other management practices. Our comprehensive soil analysis is more than just a test—it's the first step to a truly flourishing garden or farm.

Our Comprehensive Agronomy Package For Gardens

Our one-time fee of $500 includes a suite of advanced tests that go beyond basic soil analysis. We delve deep into the biological, chemical, and physical aspects of your soil:

Detailed Soil Analysis: We assess macro & micronutrient levels, pH balance, CEC, organic matter, and soil texture.

Microbial Life Testing: We measure the beneficial bacteria and fungi crucial for nutrient cycling and plant health.

Compaction Testing: We check for issues hindering root growth and water absorption.

Brix Testing: We assess plant health, fruit ripeness, and susceptibility to pests.

Optional Tissue and Sap Analysis (additional fee): This provides an even more detailed look at plant nutrition.

Your Personalized Soil Health Prescription

Based on your unique soil profile, we'll create a customized Soil Health Prescription with multiple options to address deficiencies, improve fertility, and optimize your plant's growth. This isn't a generic plan – it's tailored specifically for your soil.

Why Choose Y Not Goats LTD?

Personalize Guidance: Our experienced agronomists will walk you through every step and answer all your questions.

Sustainable Practices: We focus on eco-friendly solutions for long-term soil health.

Results-Oriented Approach: We're committed to helping you achieve visible, sustainable improvements.

On The Spot Analysis: Only with us you get immediate, on the spot results!

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